• Region : Gyeongsangbuk-do (Pohang)  

  1. How did you like our service?
    • The service was great. Communication was very good, Email-Replies came quickly and especially I appreciated that I was called in Germany from HSC about important news.
  2. How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable? 
    •  It was clean and comfortable. All necessary facilities were there.
  3. How did you like your host? Was the host kind and available for you? 
    • The host was very kind and also very available to me.
  4. Did you learn something about Korean culture and Korean family living through homestay? 
    • Yes, I learned something about Korean culture, and Korean family living. 
      The host also explained many things to me, and we did several activities like trips together.

  5. Would you recommend homestay to other visitors?
    • It depends on the personality of the person, and of the purpose of his or her stay. 
      If it would suit this person, I would recommend it to her or him.

  6. Any complaints? Did you experience any inconvenience, or any unfair treatment?
    • I did not experiance any unfair treatment. 
      But the location of the host was in the middle of the town in a skyscraper, which is not a proper living environment for me personally. 
  7. Any suggestions, or comment? We would appreciate any kind of your advice. 
    • In my opinion, the prices for long term stays are expensive.