I was satisfied with the stay. The only inconvenience was that our schedule was delayed by 15 min, and the host ended up waiting outside for us for 15 min. We didn't have a phone number to call the host and emailing was not timely enough the reach the host. The host only had Kakao which we didn't have. If we have a mutual chat APP, it'd made the check in process a lot more convenient

The host was extremely friendly and caring, we both liked her very much. She made sure that our stay was comfortable. Although we did expect her to speak more English. We speak fluent English, Chinese and Japanese, however we still had trouble communicating with her.
 It was a short stay for us - we arrived at 7PM at night and left at 8AM in the morning. We did want to talk to the host about Korean culture/history/lifestyle, but there was limited capability due to language barrier.

Homestay Korea provided great service. All communications were prompt, and all my questions were addressed very well. Just one thing - calling to a number oversea may incur international phone charge to the call recipient, as receiving call is not always free. Emailing is probably the best way for reaching out. Thank you!

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