I didn't need to worry about accomodation and transportation coz believe living the host's home is definitly save.
I also believe that you and the host must be very nice to give us suggestion and guide for our visit.
Moreover, living with the host family also allow us to experience the daily living of Korean, which is very meaningful for person who like or interested in the Korean culture.
I tried to have lots of treditional korean foods that we've seen the Korean drama (大長今,Dae-janggum)
I could learn Korean eating culture (we also share the difference with our Chinese culture), family culture (the perference of son then daughter and the laziness of Korean Man at home.)
Since I was able to read and understand a bit Korean, I was happy to learn from Mrs Lee some Jeju-specific language. e.g. 호저옵서요
I heard that Jeju-island has a its own unique atmosphere and beautiful view, In the past, it's hot spot to newly -married
You are very nice too.
Coz I know you has phoned Mrs. Lee everyday, asking Mrs Lee about our plan and even asking me whether everything is fine and good.
Thus I am very much appreciated about your service and care provided to me and my friend.
Thank you very much!!