• Guest : Maria Cuinas Ins (Spain)
  • Region : Seoul  

  1. How did you like our service?
    • I think your search database is great, but you should strongly tell the host families to be more accurate at the time of specifying their address (for example, to include the nearest subway station) and other details.
      As for your staff, they have always replied to my questions and help me a lot to find me a suitable host, so I am really satisfied with them.
  2. How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable? 
    • I had my own room and I only shared bathroom with the 2 kids, so I was very comfortable, and the house was cleaned quite often, so no complaints in that sense.
  3. How did you like your host? Was the host kind and available for you? 
    • The person who I talked most to was the mother, and she is definitely very kind.
      She took into account my likes and dislikes as much as possible, and I can say I became really fond of her. On the whole, the whole family made me feel very comfortable at their home, and they help me a lot to adapt to life in Korea.

  4. Did you learn something about Korean culture and Korean family living through homestay? 
    • Not as much as I have liked, but that was probably my own fault, as I have been busy with school and another affairs. The family respected my wish to speak in Korean, which is something that I really appreciate, considering that my Korean proficiency is still quite poor.
  5. Would you recommend homestay to other visitors?
    • Definitely.
  6. Any complaints? Did you experience any inconvenience, or any unfair treatment?
    •  Everything was alright. The only thing I missed was to have some space in the fridge to keep whatever I wanted, but as I did not use their kitchen to cook myself, it was not that crucial.
  7. Any suggestions, or comment? We would appreciate any kind of your advice. 
    • Although your service is very good, I still find that the price is quite excesive.
      If dinner was also included on the monthly fee, it would be more reasonable, and would avoid all the trouble on having to check the money you owe them at the end of your stay period.