• Guest : Ali Reza Sakhizada (Germany)
  • Region : Seoul

  1. How did you like our service? 
    • Your service is very good (excellent), because you send me a lot of information as I send you email with question about how to transfer the payment, or how to find a host.You even found this great host family form me. And you helped me out, as I needed a cell phone.
  2. How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable? 
    • I very liked Mr Noh’s house, it was a very, clean even the room where I had my bed was really comfortable and clean, their facilities were great, This is an excellent for me.
  3. How did you like your host? Was the host kind and available for you? 
    •  I really like(d) my host family they were so kind to me, I helped me to find special places which I wanted to see, I had the opportunity to meet their friends. Mr. Noh showed me his school, and learned a lot about Korean school system. I had such a great time with my host family, I’m really happy that I know such a good family.This is more than an excellent for me.
  4. Did you learn something about Korean culture and Korean family living through homestay? 
    • Yes sure, I learned a lot about Korean culture, food, people, language and history.And even about Korean school system.For example: my host family told me about Hangul and where it comes from, And they teached me some korean, I’m really glad about this.This is also more than an excellent for me.
  5. Would you recommend homestay to other visitors?
    • Yes sure, I told a lot of my friends about homestay korea, I think homestay is a very good way to come to Korea, especially for younger people or students. Because it gives the visitors a great chance too meet new people, and the chance to make new friends.
  6. Any complaints? Did you experience any inconvenience, or any unfair treatment?
    • No, everything was just perfect, I had a really great time in Korea.
  7. Any suggestions, or comment? We would appreciate any kind of your advice. 
    • Well, I’d like to thank you and homestay that you helped me to come to Korea, Without you I couldn’t come to Korea. Like I already said, I had such a great time, that I decided to Korea again, someday.And I’d like to thank my host family for the great time which I had with them, I’d really like to see them again, if I come to Korea for a second time, someday.It would be very nice, if you can contact my host family, and tell them, that I really like(d) them, I had a wonderful in Korea, thank you so much for everything! 

      I will leave a comment in the next few day, on the homepage of homestay korea, so that other visitors can read about my trip to Korea.