• Guest : Vast Gautier (France)
  • Region : Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeonggi-do

  1. How did you like our service? 
    • I think it was fast, efficient and cheap. 
      In my opinion the quality level of your service is very high. 
      I have appreciated how you have found relevant hosts and how you have fastly answered to all my questions.
  2. How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable? 
    • The houses of my hosts were very clean and pleasant. 
      Comfort was not a significant criteria for me, but it was very good. 
      I had all the facilities I would like to have.
  3. How did you like your host? Was the host kind and available for you? 
    • My hosts were very available and attentive, they behaved like genuine friends for me. 
      Actually I felt I was not a simple customer, it was very easy to make friends with them. 
      They strive to show me and to explain me a lot of thing about Korea. 
      However I have a single point of disapointment, I have not understood everything they have tried to explain to me, therefore I hope to learn the Korean language.
  4. Did you learn something about Korean culture and Korean family living through homestay? 
    • Yes, I have learnt a lot of things about Korea : the social life, the familial organization, the recipies, the customs, particularly about Chuseok, and their entertainment (their passion for the drama... lol)
  5. Would you recommend homestay to other visitors?
    • Yes, sure. I have another friend, who is an overseas Korean adoptee too, and I will give her your adress.
      Moreover I plan to come back to Korea next year and I will contact you again to find guests in other areas of Korea.
  6. Any complaints? Did you experience any inconvenience, or any unfair treatment?
    • Absolutely not. The bad details of my travel are due to my own choices.
  7. Any suggestions, or comment? We would appreciate any kind of your advice. 
    • I see nothing to change. 
      Maybe one detail to report, I have had some problems with your Paypal account, I have however tried with several credit cards.