• Guest : Peter Segeroth (Germany)
  • Region : Seoul

  1. How did you like our service? 
    • It was very good, you explained everything and you are very helpful.
  2. How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable? 
    • Excellent - I would stay there again.
  3. How did you like your host? Was the host kind and available for you? 
    • I liked them very much. There took good care for me and even made a trip at night with me at my last day.
  4. Did you learn something about Korean culture and Korean family living through homestay? 
    • A lot - I have not the time (my flight is leaving..) to give you the details...
  5. Would you recommend homestay to other visitors?
    • I will.
  6. Any complaints? Did you experience any inconvenience, or any unfair treatment?
    • No. In general I think koreans are very nice and friendly people.
  7. Any suggestions, or comment? We would appreciate any kind of your advice. 
    • We would appreciate any kind of your advice.