(1) Did you like our services? If not, what was your inconvenience?

☞ I think that the services from HomeStayKorea were great. The staff was very responsive and extremely friendly. MJ even helped me buy some bus tickets to go to the ski resort.

(2) How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable to stay?

☞ The host house was great: very modern, very clean and comfortable. It had beds and mats for the 4 of us. The Korean food cooked by our host was excellent!

(3) How did you find out our website, HomestayKorea?

☞ I found the website on google.

(4) Any suggestions, or comment for HomestayKorea? We would appreciate any kinds of your advice on any matters.

☞ I think the website could be improved. More pictures of the hosts and the houses would be nice.

Our stay at Mr. Kim's family was memorable.

They are adorable people who immediately "adopted" us. Our young kids felt very comfortable with them. Mr Kim's English language was good enough for some very interesting conversations.

We ate at their house every evening and really enjoyed the time together with them.
Mr Kim also drove us every day to the ski resort or to go sightseeing.