Hi MJ,
Sorry for my delayed reply... Please find below my answers:

(1) Did you like our services? If not, what was your inconvenience?
☞ Yes I really liked it because MJ answered very quickly to all of my questions and she found the perfect family for me in Jeonju. I think it was not easy for her because we were a family of 6 persons and I guess that not every home can welcome those kind of families. 

(2) How was the house and facilities? Was it clean and comfortable to stay?
☞ The house of Elee was really really nice, modern, clean and very comfortable to stay (even if European are not used to Ondol^^). She was really kind to us and we even tried all the massage machines she has! We had our own bathroom and three different rooms (1 bed, two ondols).

(3) How did you find out our website, HomestayKorea?
☞ I think I just Googled it.

(4) Any suggestions, or comment for HomestayKorea? We would appreciate any kinds of your advice on any matters.
☞ HomestayKorea should reach and communicate to the exchange students who are leaving in Korea. Accomodation is really expensive (especially in Seoul) and some student cannot get a room in the dormitory. Then some are looking for "hasouk" but it's most of the time not really clean, so I think staying at someone place (I guess you are only looking for convenient and clean place) could be the best deal.

Hope it can help!
Thanks a lot for everything.

Best regards,