I can and already have recommended Homestay to several people.
I can't say enough about Homestay Korea!  Everyone I encountered was friendly, courteous and helpful.
There were absolutely NO inconveniences.d two sons.  I felt like I was part of the family the family

  The house I stayed at was roomy and beautiful.  All appliances looked brand new  and the cleanliness
was above and beyond the necessary.  My host, Yang Hee-jung was most gracious and nice, as was her husband and
two sons.  I felt like I was part of the family.  This homestay is rated B+ I noticed.  In my opinion it should be rated
AAA+!  If I ever am lucky enough to return to Korea, I would again choose this homestay.

   I was exposed to the way of life of a regular Korean family.  I appreciated this more than I can say.  The host here went
out of her way to cook the food I would like to eat, and in general made my trip to Korea notewirthy.  I will be forever grateful for her efforts.
Both of the children were exceptionally well behaved also.
There is no way I could improve on this 3 week stay!
 (Except maybe make the hill on the way to the subway station go away! Lol!)