My stay with Kyung-hee and family was nothing short of comfortable. They are a very lovely family. They cared for me when I wasn't feeling well and constantly made sure that I was doing and feeling okay. Kyung-hee feels like a sister to me, I truly enjoy talking to her and listening to her stories/experiences, even though sometimes we didn't have the same point of views. I'll definitely miss being greeted by her warm "did you sleep well" in the morning and "did you have a good day" in the evening.. To be honest I was a little worried to have a kid as young as Heesung living with me cause I don't know how to handle kids (haha) and being the youngest in my family didn't really give me the opportunity to be an older sister, but Heesung was different. She's mature in many areas, she's smart, talented, caring and so much more that you wouldn't expect from a child her age. In a nutshell, privacy wasn't an issue at all living in this household.  


Kyung-hee and Heesung would always teach me Korean terms and enlightened me with Korean cultures that I didn't know. They brought me to the church they used to go and Children's Grand Park, knowing that I'm a photographer. Heesung even gave me a Korean vocabulary test! Most of all, I adore Kyung-hee's cooking. She'd always ask me to join them for lunch and dinner whenever I was home, even when I didn't pay for it (as mentioned in your homepage that additional charges will apply for meal). I remember one time I was so full that I had to take a walk along Cheongyecheon at 12am to help relieve my stomach haha. Also, not forgetting the amount of strawberries she fed me with in winter and spring, huge stacks!


I'm very satisfied with your service. In terms of the improvements, if I really had to pick something, I'd say a more affordable price? You were very attentive and helpful throughout the process, from matching me with a host family, checking up on me and my stay, to being there to help with my issues. I truly appreciate it.


Again, thank you for being part of my exchange experience. I truly appreciate your guidance and help. Cheers!


Warmest regards,

Tien Chia