For me, my host and the apartment I stayed in, were a perfect match:


(+) The homestay’s location is ideal: It’s near Han-River (great for taking walks or walking to the swimming hall at Jamsil). COEX, a Lotte Supermarket and a Paris Baguette are nearby for shopping and eating out or going to the movies. And last but not least Bongeunsa Station on Line 9 is nearby; too, so fast transportation via express train is available.


(+) The apartment is quiet and furnished very nicely. The bed was cozy and the big table in my room good for studying. WiFi was very fast. The apartment was always kept spotlessly clean by my host (despite the two cats!). Everything I needed for my stay was provided – towels, cosmetics and so on. Ms Kim not only did the laundry for me but also my dishes if I wasn’t fast enough to do them myself! 


(+) Ms Kim is a very considerate person despite being busy: On my arrival she made time during her lunch break, picked me and my luggage up at the Metro Station and explained her apartment and the gadgets there to me (we don’t use water purifiers or the Korean kind of gas stove in Germany). Even before my arrival she had already inquired on what I like for breakfast (and provided me with everything I requested). Though she must have been tired out because of her long work hours she never once failed on her perceived host duties: stocking up food, cleaning, providing information I requested and making sure I was doing well.


(+) I like being on myself. So I really liked having the pretty apartment and the two cats to myself during daytime!


(?) I can’t figure out myself whether it is a plus or a minus that Ms Kim is fluent in English. On the one hand I might have learnt more Korean if I would have been forced to speak more often, on the other hand communications in English were so smooth that we could cover a lot of topics I would not have been able to cover in Korean at all…

Ms Kim worked full time and finished work at seven or even later during the week. Despite that she often made time for me – we dined out together several times, went to the movies as well as to Hanwha Fireworks Competition, Bongeunsa Temple and Namsan Tower together and had a really great evening at a cultural event, watching a play with historical instruments, traditional dancing and singing. Ms Kim took me to a traditional old market, too. If we met at home in the evenings, Ms Kim explained on Korean matters (e. g. about the educational system in Korea), on television news I couldn’t understand and on Korean food). She even brought samples (e. g. of acorn jelly - 도토리묵) or cooked dinner/breakfast for me. She also helped me with learning Korean vocabulary and got information for me on things I wanted to do. I really appreciate the efforts Ms Kim made for ensuring that I had a great time in Seoul!


Your service is great. I appreciate it very much that you ensured contact with my host when my e-mails didn’t go through to her and when you checked on my host during my stay – she told me about that. It felt really safe to book with you. I will certainly book via HomestayKorea again!

With my host at a cultural event a.JPG

Acorn jelly.JPG At the market with my host.JPG Riverside walk 10 min from homestay.JPG Water purifier.JPGWith my host at a cultural event b.JPG