As a youngster living on my own in a foreign country, for the first time. I had a lot of inhibitions and preconceived notions. After a thorough sweep of the internet, I found a lovely little home called "Grina House". 
I was fortunate enough to be accommodated, for the long duration for which I intended to stay. 
Upon coming here I didn't just find a convenient accommodation, I found another home and a family. 
Coming to Korea was a tough decision and during my stay here, I've faced a lot of trials and tribulations that come hand in hand with living abroad . And during this emotional roller coaster, I had my lovely Korean mom Park MyungAee to hold my hand when the going got tough. I had my Korean dad and my two elder sisters, who'd always converse with me and answer my constant barrage of questions with wise responses. 
I can't stress enough about the warmth emanating from this family, it was a lively atmosphere and I felt sheltered and protected here. I was particularly touched when I was invited to a family event, I was introduced to mom's side of the family and I was fortunate to meet more wonderful people like mom herself. I wasn't excluded from conversations or events, I was always invited and involved in everything. This made me feel less alone, when I felt like going back home was my only solace. 
Coming to Grina House, I didn't just make a very fortunate decision, I ended up making lifelong friends.