I stayed with two different hosts and both were really kind and caring. 
The facilities I stayed in were as described in the host information form (it was even nicer than I expected!) and there was nothing at all to complain about. 
The hosts did everything they could to make me and my travel companion feel at home and comfortable and they even did some things they really were not required to, for example fetching us from the bus stop / subway station and helping us get around, providing us with maps of the local area and so on. We got a lot of good tips from the host in regards to what we could do and see and it was really helpful to have a local's knowledge to get around and discover the areas we visited. 

As the first host was not Korean, we thought it probably wasn't really possible to learn much about Korea from her, but considering this she still gave us valuable tips e.g. a traditional restaurant we probably wouldn't have chosen if she hadn't recommended it and some spots to visit that aren't as touristy as other, well known places. And it was also nice to generally talk about our experiences in Korea together and to learn about her point of view on things as she's living in Korea as a foreigner. So I guess in the end we learned more about Korea than we expected from this host, which was just great. 

With the second host there was the opportunity of having meals together. I still feel very honored that they gave us the opportunity to participate so closely in their daily family life. Also, they always made sure that we felt like we could ask all our questions about Korea. One evening they even took us to the traditional market, which was a really good experience. It felt like because of this great host family I could be a part of their culture and lives as well, and not 'only' a tourist visiting Korea, even if it was only for a short time. I'm really grateful for this experience. 

I was very satisfied with Homestay Korea service! 
Especially because there were some difficulties at first (which were totally my fault!):
I didn't log in to Homestay Korea for some time because had I applied pretty far in advance to my trip and then after some time I had forgotten my log-in data. On top of that, the Homestay Korea Team had also written some emails because I had pending hosts who waited for my answer, but I didn't receive the emails because they were put into the wrong folder by my e-mail program. So I lost track of Homestay Korea for a while and then suddenly I was called on my phone by a Homestay Korea Team Member because she wanted to check if I still wanted to use Homestay Korea's services. 
I was very surprised, but also very glad about the phone call because I had gained the sense that they genuinely cared and wanted to provide me with a good place to stay in Korea. Because of the phone call, 'Homestay Korea' wasn't only a website anymore, but something more 'real' (...if anyone gets what I want to say). 
All in all, it was a really good experience: the communication went really smoothly, the payment was easy and quickly done and they helped me with my log-in data and were always very quick to answer all my questions and concerns. I felt that they didn't just want to put me with any host family and then wrap up their work - they really wanted me to have a good experience. 

Like I already mentioned above I was super glad to have chosen Homestay Korea and I'm sure I would have missed a lot (without knowing it) if I had just chosen to stay at some hotel. I definitely want to go back to Korea and I'll most likely use Homestay Korea again because it was such a warm experience and I had the chance to meet many beautiful and kind people. 

Thank You so much to Homestay Korea!