Well, it's already the time for me to leave.

I can't believe i went to Korea! it is so far away from my country.

it's a dream come true. this is exactly what I expected. :)

Korean people are good. I love Korea. the culture is awesome as well.

I think I'll change my lifestyle from now on, and share it because I like it-

I will miss so much the place. I felt like if I was home.

I will miss you host family 지혜 as well. I would loved to pass more time with you though.

Anyways, I just wanted to write this to thank you for everything.

Now I know how to take subway. haha.

I learned many things here and I'm thankful.

I find it so sad to leave like that. I'm home here.

I like everything here I don't want to comeback to Canada :(

but I can say that I will comeback to Korea.

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